Hauspeter Consulting, Internal Auditing and Control was established in 2010 by Haviv Hauspeter, who holds a BBA in accountancy and finance and an MBA in finance & risk managemant. and heads the firm.

The internal auditing department provides, among other, the following services: internal auditing, operational and process auditing, IT (information system) auditing, forensic auditing, and assistance to companies in improving work processes, increasing efficiency and removing obstacles to optimum functioning.

The firm also provides, companies executing infrastructure and installation construction projects, with control services for budget control and contracts implementation by contractors and engineering firms.

Since the beginning of 2013, the consulting department initiates business consulting services, intermediation and support for Israeli and international companies that wish to develop commercial activities in the fields of infrastructure, energy and hi-tech in the Middle East and Africa.

In its work, the department utilizes its extensive network of contacts with senior government officials and commercial entities in Israel and abroad.

GRMI Overview June 2018

Between 2004 and 2010, Haviv Hauspeter served as chief internal audit executive and member of the management at "Israel Natural Gas Lines Ltd". Haviv was a member of the company’s founding team and set up the internal audit department and the company’s control system. He specialized in internal and operational auditing in a process project environment that entailed complex engineering considerations, construction of a nationwide natural gas pipeline transportation system, large-scale expenditure and compliance with strict regulatory standards.

For the three years prior to that position, Haviv Hauspeter served as chief IT auditor and assistant to the chief internal auditor at the "Industrial Development Bank of Israel". He administered and conducted bank information system audits, as well as credit audits and audits of compliance with the central Bank of Israel regulations. This experience, in addition to his 5 years of experience at "Bank Leumi" in the financial and internal auditing divisions, are the basis for his vast expertise in conducting internal audits, improving control and risk management in the banking industry.

The firm also provides ongoing support to senior management in efficiency optimization and process improvement. The array of services we offer means that you can depend on an effective, professional response to all your audit needs, with an emphasis on a high-quality, clear and, most important, focused reports and recommendation's.

Our goal at Hauspeter Consulting, Internal Auditing and Control is to provide substantial added value for your organization, helping it reach its targets and safeguard its tangible and intangible assets.

Following the business, economic, technology and finance vast global development during the last decade the internal auditor is require, today more then ever, to possess a toll box that contains sophisticated tolls that will enable him to handle those developments and provide a unique
professional service to the organization in order to assist with guarding the tangible and non-tangible assets owned by the organization.
We, at Hauspeter Consulting, consider the internal auditing to be a very smart and professional tool.

We consider ourselves part of the organization, and our mission is to assist the management members in achieving their goals, while doing it efficiently with means of command and control upon the process.

The internal auditing process and the assistance to the organization in implementing the recommendation for improvement are done in a holistic way while seeing the organization as the sum of all process, interfaces that "lives" together and influence each other.

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